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Reporting Month February
Launch date: January
Launch price:
Price at 1 February :
Growth last month:-100.00%
Growth last month'':-100.00%
Growth since launch:-100.00%
Growth since launch'':-100.00%
Annualised growth:-100.00% pa
Annualised growth'':-100.00% pa
12 month rolling return:-100.00%
12 month rolling return'':-100.00%

: -100.00% YTD; : -100.00% YTD
The returned -100.00% in January, closing at a share as of 1 February. This compares with a return -100.00% recorded by the Index over the same period.

The Fund has now returned total growth of -100.00% since launch in January , versus -100.00% posted by the Index .

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