Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for terms of business with your organisation?
  2. In order to be considered for Terms of Business with the company, please provide us with the following information:

    1. Full name, address and contact numbers of the company applying for Terms of Business
    2. Full name and contact details of principal officer and signatory
    3. Names of 2 companies that GAA can contact for references with whom you already have agencies
    4. Names of IFAs with whom you have worked in the past
    5. Number of years experience in the offshore financial planning industry
    6. How you came to hear about GAA funds

    On successful completion of our initial vetting procedure, GAA will forward you our Terms of Business agreement for your approval and completion, together with instructions as to how to complete and return it.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  3. How do I place business with your organisation?

    In order to facilitate your business in the most efficient manner, we have devised a follow up system that is designed to keep you informed from ‘Start to Finish’.
    A)    Whenever we are informed, be it verbally or in writing, that there is a new placement to be made into a GAA Fund, we will immediately issue an email message to acknowledge our understanding of the intended placement. This we refer to as our Acknowledgement of ‘likely’ New Business.
    For your convenience, please click here to complete and send us a GAA 'New Business Checklist' (or NBC) to notify us of new business placed. In order to keep you informed, it is extremely helpful to us if you can provide us with an NBC for each intended placement. We will then issue an immediate response to acknowledge the receipt of the same and we call this our Confirmation of Receipt of NBC.

    C)    The next step is our Confirmation of Placement Information. This is the third email message that we will send to you, the Introducer, as soon as our Custodian has confirmed receipt of two things:   


    1:         The ‘ORDER’.

    In the event that your business is introduced via one of the 'Platform Providers' (Life Insurance Companies, Banks and other financial Institutions with whom we have an existing business relationship), the Custodian simply needs a dealing instruction from the Platform Provider in question. If the placement is to be made directly, the Custodian must see in the first instance a faxed copy of the Application Form from the Applicant. The original must then be sent to the Custodian’s address with proof of identity of the individual applicant(s).
    2:         The ‘FUNDS’.
    In addition to the above, the Custodian must have received and cleared the relevant amount of money as indicated in either the application form or dealing instruction.
    To ensure timely participation of the intended placement, please ensure that the application documents and cleared funds are with the Custodian at least three working days prior to the next Dealing Date. We can of course at any time inform you of future Dealing Dates.
    The Confirmation of Placement Information message will outline the various dates of receipt of monies and associated documents and will also state on which Dealing Date the placement will be traded and it will also confirm the date on which commission will be paid to you the Introducer. Commission will then normally be paid on the 16th of each month (or next business day) following the confirmation of receipt of the above items by our Custodian.
    D)    Our fourth step in the follow-up procedure is designed to inform you of the payment of commission for those placements that have been successfully completed. Not surprisingly we refer to this as our Confirmation of Commission Payment. You will receive a detailed statement of the placements made and the associated commission payments due once a month from GAA. The report is supported by a ‘Front Page – Year to Date’ précis and once a year we will send out to you a fully bound ‘hard copy’ Annual Commission Report.
    E)     Finally, the fifth step is our sending to you an email notification of the specific details of the placement(s) made. This includes the purchase price of the acquired shares and the contract note details. We refer to this message as the Confirmation of Completed Placement.



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