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is CEO of Bermuda based Global Asset Allocation Limited & GAA Investment Funds Limited. He has worked in the offshore financial services industry since 1987 and is responsible for the design of a range of financial instruments which have been successfully distributed throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 


Since 2011 Dato Jeremy has been researching solutions in the biomass waste to green energy industry, and has since founded a number of companies in Malaysia in order to do so. He has produced green energy pellets and fibre from harvested Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) in his factory in Klang, Malaysia, as an alternative fuel to that of burning fossil fuels such as coal. He is currently looking to secure a Biomass Feed-In Tariff from SEDA, the Malaysian Government Agency responsible for managing the issuing of such licences, in order to generate renewable and sustainable power in Malaysia from its own IPP.

GAA Registered Offices

Global Asset Allocation Limited

Clarendon House
Church Street
Hamilton HM 11

GAA Investment Funds Limited

T.J. Pearman Building

3 Burnaby Street

Hamilton HM12


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